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CryptoVinder is the ultimate Wallet Recovery Service operating worldwide. Since our launch, we've helped people from countries in nearly every continent. We help those who've lost their password to their hardware, paper, or software wallets. We've also helped those who were no longer able to recover their wallets from their hard disks, or restored phones. These are a few of the reviews we've received from those we've assisted. On top of that, we've been on the news several times. Including for the work we've done for the Dutch Creditors of the Mt.Gox bankruptcy. You'll find some references below.

Testimonials & Reviews CryptoVinder.com

"Lost my coins because of a corrupted external Hard Drive. CryptoVinder recovered it with remote access. They were very nice and detailed. But also respected my privacy. I'm very glad they got my wallet back."​
Jan. 2017
"CryptoVinder helped me recover my Bitcoins after I had my phone and computer stolen. They also found some of my other important data I lost.
They were great!"
Dec. 2017
"Couple of years ago I bought quite a few Litecoins on the cheap. Lost my wallet. Good thing I still had my key. I tried the password I wrote down. Didn't work! Then tried every password I could think off. None of them worked. But CryptoVinder talked me through all potential passwords I hadn’t even thought of. After a few days, they cracked it, and gave me back my access. When I saw the password, I immediately felt darn stupid for forgetting that combination. It was perhaps 20% off from a few of the passwords we talked through. But I know I wouldn't come up with it again myself. Needless to say, I’m very happy with their help. But also the communication through it all. I sure recommend them."
Dave A.
Nov. 2017
"Got 50 BTC 3 years ago, but lost my phone. Thank God these guys were able to help. They restored my wallet and sent them back to me. And gave me some solid advice on how to further invest. These guys are gold. And Caro, thank you so much for being so patient with me, and really taking the time to help me."
Chris S. 
Nov. 2017
"Zonder deze service zou ik nu een stuk armer zijn geweest. Mijn multibit wallet was gecorrumpeerd geraakt en gaf aan dat hij leeg was. Het was niet meer mogelijk om de blockchain opnieuw te laden of de wallet te verplaatsen. Ik had bitcoins maar ik kon er niet meer bij en CryptoVinder heeft mijn bitcoins terug gekregen.  "Beste mannen en vrouwen van CryptoVinder. ik ben heel blij dat ik jullie mijn vertrouwen heb gegeven. Zeker met Bitcoins en de relatief nieuwe service die jullie bieden, kan ik me voorstellen dat mensen even aarzelen en zich afvragen of dit wel te vertrouwen is. Dat is de reden waarom ik een review plaats. Jullie hebben goed werk geleverd. Ben er erg blij mee. Ik wens jullie veel succes."
J van der Bolt
Oct. 2017
"Hey Guys, CryptoVinder helped me get my lost Ether wallet back. I want to tell you an unbelievable story which really happened. One friend of mine was talking about an ICO. I had never heard about an ICO, but he was explaining Ethereum. He said: "We can buy 1910 ethers for 1 bitcoin". Bitcoin was 425 euro's at that time, so 1 ether was 22 cent. I asked who wanted to participate in buying a few of those ethers. Five friends wanted to participate, so we bought 3820 ethers for 2 bitcoins, an investment of 850 euro. One friend received the json file with the ethers. We were excited and moved on to continue the barbeque and drank some beers. A year went by and in 2015 Ethereum finally had its genesis block! Ethereum was alive! In January 2016 the prices of Ether jumped from 1 euro to 5 euros. We were excited and discussed in the whatsapp group that it would be better to distributed the ethers to a private wallet, so everybody would have his own share of ethers. We made an appointment to meet-up. That evening was historical. We came together and discovered the password was wrong! The wallet didn't open... the tension went up between our friends. We decided to stay calm and try to think things over and meet the next day. We thought about every option and possible password. I searched for a brute force service. I found "CryptoVinder”. CryptoVinder looked like a trustworthy party. They were on the Dutch news (RTL Z) and they are helping the MTGox-claimants to get there money back. For free! They also collaborate with the Dutch Embassy in Japan. I made an email with the passwords and asked CryptoVinder if they could help me. They reacted in 30 minutes and said: Of course I want to help you. We discussed the terms and after our agreement i sent him the email with possible passwords and went to bed. 
 I woke up the next morning and looked at my Phone. A message: I FOUND YOUR PASSWORD! My heartbeat was in my throat! I couldn't believe what I saw. When I opened my computer, there they were: the Ethers!! What a great feeling! This moment of happiness was the best one of my life! Thanks to CryptoVinder!!"
J van der Bolt
Aug. 2017

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