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CryptoVinder was born from the passion for Cryptos, and the desire to help those who need a helping hand after they’ve lost theirs.


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Our story

CryptoVinder was founded based on a passion for Cryptocurrencies, and a love for tech. But also because one of our founders accidentally lost the password to their wallet. Oops! So the other founder helped build a tool that would recover this wallet. Within minutes “Open Sesame!” became the slogan of the day. We instantly knew that other people out there must have come across the same issue. People who’ve lost their password, or part of a private key, without the ability to get to their coins. 

So from a small town in the Netherlands, we improved the software to support all Crypto Wallets, and Brute Force Attack wallets such as Bitcoin, Digibyte, Verge, Altcoin, Dogecoin, and many others.  We’re 100% trustworthy,  do not share your data with anyone. And only store your private data if you want us too. As crypto owners, we act on behalf of crypto owners, and aim to help as many crypto owners as we can. Therefore  we offer our support to people from all over the world, in three different languages, and many languages will follow soon!

Our mission didn’t end there. Our love for Cryptos started early. And when we lost access to our coins during the Mt.Gox bankruptcy, we kept a keen eye on the creditors meetings in Tokyo. Unfortunately, things were not going into the right direction for creditors alike. And we knew that if we’d lend our voice, and bring together a large group of creditors, we might stand chance to change that. With the help of RTL we managed to get our voice heard, and unite nearly 100 creditors in the Netherlands alone, together requesting their money worth over €25mln.

The quest is not yet over. But together with other groups worldwide! We’ve already managed to make changes for the better. – increasing the chances for everyone to get their money, or at least some of that back. Follow us on Twitter, to stay up-to-date of all our efforts and results. If you are a Mt.Gox creditor, don’t hesitate to join us by filling in our contact form. Are you a creditor? But have you not yet filed a claim? Then we might be able to help you out with that. Do contact us as soon as possible.

CryptoVinder in a nutshell

Ready to restore your wallet password? Bitcoin, Ether, Verge, DGB or other wallet? Let us help you today!

Proudly recovering wallets since August 2017

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